Ulverston Canal; a haven for nature in an industrial landscape.

There's a surprising amount of wildlife to be found near industrial sites and Ulverston Canal is a good example of this. In the past this 1.25 mile stretch of canal has been the location for many types of industry such as charcoal burning, hoop-making, shipbuilding, paper manufacturing as well as gas, chemical and rail engineering works. Nowadays most of the western side is occupied by the huge GlaxoSmithKline complex, while the path on the eastern side provides a pleasant and very popular short walk.
Several metal totems designed by local architectural sculptor Chris Brammall have been installed along the path, illustrating aspects of the history of the canal.

Sir John Barrow monument overlooks Ulverston from the summit of Hoad Hill, from where we have previously seen Roe Deer in the fields below. These two little beauties were barely discernable against the brown of the dead foliage behind them.
The weather alternated between cold and foggy and bright sunshine with vivid blue skies, as we headed down the canal path.
The railway line crosses the canal as it leaves Ulverston and heads towards the viaduct across Morecambe Bay.
A Kestrel swooped low over the adjoing field, bringing its prey onto the roof of a nearby barn to eat.
On the opposite side some remnants of former industrial buildings can still be seen.
  I think this Cormorant was pretending he hadn't seen the sign!
A couple of Canada Geese were keen to see if we had any food for them.
 Alder cones and catkins in the hedgerow; bullrushes along the edges of the water.
 A Buzzard watching warily from his perch near Canal Foot.
 Blackbirds, Thrushes and Fieldfares were busy stocking up on winter berries.
 Reaching the end of the footpath at Canal Foot, the remains of the former lock gates can be seen. Turning around the vast expanse of Morecambe Bay opens out in all its glory.
 Little Egrets, Wigeon and Red Breasted Merganser are among the many birds to be found on the shoreline.
 And finally... who could resist sitting here and taking in this stunning and peaceful view?

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Fabulous Fungi in Millwood

Mother Nature seems to throw everything she has left in her power into the final weeks of Autumn. A last fanfare before settling down for Winter. The woods are hushed now; our footsteps muffled in the deep, damp piles of leaves carpeting the ground.

Before the last page of Autumn is turned and we are confronted with Winter's bare cold face, we are treated to a final burst of colour as dozens of fungi take centre stage.


There was so much green algae in the pond it looked as if the Moorhen was swimming in pea soup!
I'm really going to miss the beautiful colours of Autumn. Roll on Spring!

Thanks for visiting my blog; I hope you've enjoyed the photos.

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